1) : “Affordable, Smart TV, Air Remote Control, Smart Glass Protection, Good sound quality”

2) : “If you compare the build quality and finishing of other smart TVs available in the market, the quality of Kodak TVs is much better.”

3) : “The supremacy that the likes of Samsung enjoyed for a prolonged period is now gone. Proof, if any were needed, comes in the form of the Kodak FHD-XSMART television.”

4) : “It definitely has got the required ammo to take on established Indian players, such as Intex, Vu, Micromax, or even multi-nationals like Samsung’s mid-range LED TVs.”

5) : “The pricing is quite attractive for a TV of its specs and Kodak is a well-known and a reliable brand.”

6) The Economics Times : “We were impressed by the TV’s image quality. It has good brightness levels, shows vivid colour and has wide viewing angles.”

31,990.00 25,999.00



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