Our Services

Shark tech Life is a IT solution provider and tech company based in Chandigarh, India. With our different types of rental services, we try to provide a wide range of IT hardware tools and equipments to all the needy clients and customers so that they can run their business smoothly and make more profits every day. Let's see all the procedures to avail our services.

Order Placement

To avail our different rental services, you need to generate a request for it on your website and social media channels. You can also call us on 917837788487. To place your requests for the acquisition of our services. Orders for our rental services can also be placed on this WhatsApp No- 9555499374. Our representatives will respond your requests soon.

Order Confirmation

Once we receive your order, we contact you for its confirmation. Please share your actual Name, Mobile Number, Email Id(if available), address, service requests, etc, accurately so that we can process your requests easily and deliver the requested services at your specified address within maximum 3 business days.


You can pay for our rental services online, via payment Apps, through cheque or in cash. We expect the payment in advance for the services you chose. To pay us, please choose any one of the below-mentioned options:

  • Bank Account- Please mention bank Account Details here.
  • PAYTM No
  • PhonePay No
  • Cheque- We accept chques that can be cashed in all Indian banks
  • Cash- Our representatives will collect the cash payment from you before the service delivery. So, please keep the enough cash with your while receiving our services.

Technical Assistance

We provide free technical assistance to all our valued clients and customers. If the problem is caused by the careless handling of equipments supplied by us, you will have to bear the cost of replacement and maintenance work exceeding the amount of Rs500.

Dispute Resolution

We take all possible steps to satisfy all our valued clients and customers with our rental services. However, disputes are possible because of a number of reasons. All disputes are subject matters of negotiation and finding out the solution through face-to-face dialogues.